Category: Recycling

Metal Scrap Recycling Processes

Metal Scrap Recycling Processes At Ram Iron & Metal Inc., how we work is imperative to our success. Our scrap metal recycling processes are complex and concise; ensuring every job we do is ethically, morally and environmentally sound. Ram Iron & Metal Inc. uses different scrap metal recycling processes depending on the physical characteristics of […]

Copper Wire Types

Types of Copper Wire Scrap Traded by SINCHI WAYRA As far as copper wire scrapping is concerned, SINCHI WAYRA deals with six different types; #1 Bare Bright Copper Wire #1 Insulated Wire #2 Insulated Wire Romex Wire Communication Wire Insulated Copper Cable Bare Bright Copper Wire Copper wire that is not corroded or burned and […]

Aluminum Ingots

Production of Aluminum Ingots SINCHI WAYRA’s production activity is focused on aluminum ingots, on which it centers its business. The adoption of recycled aluminum has increased in manufacturing with significant environmental and economic advantages for consumers and industries. Casting Aluminum ingotsaluminum ingots The process of casting aluminum ingots takes place through the fusion and refining […]

Aluminum alloys

Production of Aluminum Alloys The production of aluminum alloys through the die casting technique is the heart of the production process implemented by the metallurgical company SINCHI WAYRA. From many years the company dedicates itself to the production and processing of aluminum alloys, to adapt them at the various fields. In fact, according to the […]