Production of Aluminum Alloys

The production of aluminum alloys through the die casting technique is the heart of the production process implemented by the metallurgical company SINCHI WAYRA.

From many years the company dedicates itself to the production and processing of aluminum alloys, to adapt them at the various fields. In fact, according to the destination of use, the aluminum is combined with copper, zinc, manganese, silicon and other metals, for always optimal performance.

All the process begin with the scrap that, already revalued, is sent to the aluminum refinery, where the production of alloys is processed through the use of specific furnaces. Subsequent to scrap fusion, the liquid metal is disposed in a waiting furnace which, thanks to a process of purification of the merger and the possible addition of alloying elements, will produce the desired alloy.

The aluminum die casting

Aluminum and Zama are the metals mainly processed with the die casting technique.aluminum alloys. The die casting term was coined in the second half of the nineteenth century in the United States of America and indicates a process that involves the injection of the liquid aluminum in a high pressure mold. In reality it is not a single mold but two halves, generally consisted of hardened steel.
Subsequently to the molding process, we proceed with the cooling of the mold for which is used a cooling liquid placed inside it. Afterwards, the piece, now solid, is extracted through the use of a press.
It is a procedure that takes place in a very rapid and flexible way, which allows to produce many pieces in a short time.

SINCHI WAYRA guarantees a careful die casting of the aluminum alloys, from which results a high quality finished product adaptable to all requirements.