Recycling is the core of the business we do here at SINCHI WAYRA. We are involved in the recycling of non-ferous metals, especially Aluminum and Copper as indicated below.

Aluminum Scrap Recycling

  • Clean Aluminum Lithographic Sheets (TABLET) Recycling
  • Painted Aluminum Siding (TALE) Recycling
  • Insulated Aluminum Wire Scrap (TWANG) Recycling
  • Mixed Aluminum Castings (TENSE) Recycling
  • Clean Mixed Old Alloy Sheet Aluminum (TAINT / TABOR) Recycling
  • All Aluminum Radiators from Automobiles (TALLY) Recycling
  • New Production Aluminum Extrusions (TATA) Recycling
  • Aluminum Auto or Truck Wheels (TROMA) Recycling
  • Aluminum Extrusions “10/10” (TOTO) Recycling
  • Mixed Low Copper Aluminum Clippings and Solid (TABOO) Recycling
  • Mixed Aluminum Boring & Turnings (TELIC) Recycling
  • Baled Aluminum Used Beverage Can (UBC) scrap (TALDEN) Recycling

Copper Scrap Recycling

  • #1 Copper Wire (BERRY) Recycling
  • #1 Copper Wire Nodules (CLOVE) Recycling
  • #1 Heavy Copper (CANDY) Recycling
  • Insulated Copper Wire Scrap (DRUID) Recycling
  • #2 Copper (CLIFF) Recycling
  • Aluminum Copper Radiators (TALK) Recycling