Schedule a Pick-up

We purchase non-ferous metal scraps, especially Aluminum Scraps and Copper Wire Scraps and resell either as scraps or as ingots (in the case of aluminum).

The best part is that you don’t even need to visit our factory to sell your scrap. You can just schedule a pickup and we shall come and purchase the scrap from you. Our prices are encouraging.

Due to time or budgetary constraints, some of our customers don’t have the time to gather and transport their scrap metals to our main facility. In instances like this, SINCHI WAYRA recommends on-site scrap metal collection for your own convenience.

On-site Scrap Metal Pickups

If you are unable to visit our factory we can offer you our reliable on-site pickup service. We have modern equipment that will cater to any on-site job request. Our on-site scrap metal removal process involves the sorting, collecting, weighing, and payment of your scrap metals.

We offer competitive prices and our weighing scales are 100% accurate. Our well-maintained trailer trucks and modern scrap metal removal equipment can carry out any on-site job request.

Quality Service You Can Trust

When it comes to selling scrap metals, SINCHI WAYRA is the company you can count on. We bring our business directly to your home and buy all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.