Production of Aluminum Ingots

SINCHI WAYRA’s production activity is focused on aluminum ingots, on which it centers its business. The adoption of recycled aluminum has increased in manufacturing with significant environmental and economic advantages for consumers and industries.
Casting Aluminum ingotsaluminum ingots

The process of casting aluminum ingots takes place through the fusion and refining of aluminum scrap previously retrained through the use of specific technological installations. SINCHI WAYRA deals with the entire production process from scrap recovery and recycling, the merger within its refineries up to the final ingot, managing autonomously the rational storage, the handling and the packaging of the products, always ensuring their identification and traceability.
Aluminum ingots from aluminum scrap

The process that allows to obtain aluminum ingots from aluminum scrap is called smelting process. SINCHI WAYRA can perform the whole process in his industrial plant thanks to his professional and trained staff. With the aluminum smelting process it is possible to cut down the negative effects on the environment and, meantime, reduce production costs.
The creation of new aluminium ingots from aluminum scrap has a low impact on the environment; since it attenuates the production process impact on soil, water and air, surrounding our industrial plants.

Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum recycling reduces the landfill waste. Aluminum’s point of strenght is that it doesn’t lose its properties, and can be recycled several times: the same piece of aluminum can get into the production process more than once. The creation of aluminum ingots with recycled aluminium, involves the use of 95% less energy than creating a comparable amount from raw materials.

During the production of the ingots a vast amount of aluminum is used, meaning that the smallest loss of material could bring to a large waste of money, that is why in SINCHI WAYRA the flow of the material is monitored and accounted not only to be more productive but also for important financial reasons.
SINCHI WAYRA is a specialist in aluminum ingots production and sale, produced in full compliance with national and international standards.

Aluminum ingots can be used in different sectors, including automotive, household appliances, lighting, construction, mechanics and household goods. SINCHI WAYRA’s products are used especially in the automotive field, where the aluminum increases performance, improves safety and durability while reducing emissions.

Thanks to its environmental advantages and strength, aluminum is the “material of choice” for automakers and is now second only to steel as the most used material in vehicles. Aluminum ingots are available in different weights and sizes, to satisfy all your needs.